Day 3 – CELL: Morocco


Today we experienced the Moroccan way of life.  We  We walked around the old Medina, spoke to locals in French and haggled our way through the Souks.  Obviously the locals can smell tourists from afar.  We looked different and didn’t have a clue where we were going.  We stopped by the Souk Cafe for lunch.  The restaurant serves generous portions of traditional Moroccan dishes and has free Wi-Fi, which is always a bonus! We ate a lamb Tanjine (different to Tagine); slices of lamb marinated in herbs and spices with a portion of frites (French fries) on the side.

On our way back to the Riad, we visited the Henna Cafe.  The cafe has a charity on the ground floor that is funded by profits earned from the cafe.  The charity offers free classes and language lessons to locals.  Volunteers who are qualified to teach lessons like English and Spanish facilitate 2 hour lessons throughout the week for anyone who wants to learn these languages.  (French isn’t taught as Moroccans learn French in schools as children).  A number of different classes such as CV writing, photography, art and music are also offered to educate and empower locals.  Click here to find out more about the charity or volunteer your services.

Local Moroccan women who specialise in henna work in the cafe to teach henna art lessons as well as painting henna patterns on visitors.  Look at the henna patterns we got done on our visit…

2015-06-06 17.24.19  2015-06-06 17.25.55


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