Taste of Ethiopia

To my horror, I turned up at Flamingo, 13 Goldhawk Road and found the restaurant was closed! How could they be closed when I called earlier to confirm our reservation? I called up again and they advised they were at number 31 Goldhawk Road. So silly as I obviously didn’t pay attention to the address, but you can see how one can easily get confused right? Lol. Turning up at Shepherd’s Bush with guests and nowhere to eat would’ve been really awkward so thank goodness I was saved from this embarrassment.
Out of the members who attended the dinner, only I had tasted Ethiopian cuisine before. I had raved on about this cuisine whilst everyone looked over the menu so my fingers and toes were crossed praying that they wouldn’t be disappointed. We ordered some drinks and two different types of Ethiopian beer of which one had a strong honey base and the other (apparently) tasted exactly like Cobra.

Everyone ordered different stews that came in separate dishes, alongside one large plate of injera bread, a bowl of injera bread rolls and green chilli’s filled with small chopped pieces of tomato and onion.

The stews were dished out onto the large plate of injera bread that had to be eaten by cutting up injera rolls to scoop up the stew with by hand. This was such a good way to share food and interact with each other. We all loved this experience. The food was so delicious. The tasty combination of spices in the stews and chilli’s left our mouths watering.

The ambience in the venue was relaxing and welcoming. At 6:30pm, the restaurant was quite busy with natives, digging into fresh home-made food whilst relaxing to soft Ethiopian music in the background.

We can’t wait to visit Flamingo again and hope you can join us next time. Join our dinner club and RSVP to the next dinner date!

Address: Flamingo, 31 Goldhawk Road, London W12 8QQ


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