Taste of Angola

Don’t be fooled by the entrance to Luanda Grill, it’s not just a cafe or take away spot. There’s a cosy restaurant at the back of the cafe with enough room to fit about 50 diners.

The ambience is warm, with a mix of Afrobeats and RnB playing in the background. The decor is colourful, there is a small bar and some seating upstairs if you want to sit somewhere more intimate.


I got to the restaurant really early (6:15pm) and graciously waited for everyone to arrive.  At 6:40pm I was a little anxious that no one would turn so I checked the guest list again and realised I arranged dinner for 7pm!

After everyone turned up, we ordered our meals and as there were a few new faces we did a quick intro around the table. Everyone there hadn’t tastes Angolan food so no one knew what to expect. Angolan food is very similar to Portuguese food as they were colonised by Portugal. On the menu, all dishes with Luanda were traditional Angolan. We ordered the King Prawn, Sea Bream, Clams, and Steak Luanda style.


The sea bream was seasoned well, accompanied by lots of vegetables and oils for extra dressing. The king prawns and clams came were cooked and dressed in a spicy sauce.


Some of us were quite baffled at the style of dishes as it was very simple, seemed very Europeanised and wasn’t typically African (i.e jollof rice and stew), however we had no idea what Angolan dishes were like and we can’t assume all African cuisines are (jollof) rice based.  This is the good thing about trying different African cuisines as we don’t know what we will get.  There are 54 odd countries on the continent and although some regions have similarities, they are all very different.


After our meals we were treated with free ‘anonymous’ shots topped with nutmeg! They looked weird, like Guinness beer, dark and creamy, however they tasted very lush. The waitress wouldn’t tell us the name as it was a well-kept secret at the restaurant. If you go to Luanda Grill and find out what that shot is, please, please let us know 🙂

Address: Luanda Grill, Brixton Hill, Brixton, London

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